Urban Cultivator

Learning to Grow Herbs

At L’Équipe Entreprise we are constantly looking for original ways to bring the organization into the future. Interior gardening tools intrigued us and after studying them, not only did they prove to be interesting but they also represent a way of improving the meals we prepare as well as offering additional work and an interest in hydroponics. We think that fresh biological herbs available on the premises would expand our chefs’ sense of freedom and would represent a very interesting project for us.

L’Équipe Entreprise is conscious of the sodium content of its prepared meals for the older population. Fine herbs cuisine can reduce sodium content while keeping food tasty! Fine herbs are a nice way to improve the taste of food and its aroma. As a general rule, growing our own fine herbs is cheaper than buying it at the grocery store. Growing several varieties of herbs will be available to us all year long.